Wonder Soil Reground Seed Starter for Repairing Lawns

How to Quickly Repair your Lawn

When you have bare spots in your lawn the quickest way to fix it is to reseed.  The fastest reseeding is done with Wonder Soil Reground.  You will need to prepare your treatment area, get seeds, plant seeds and water.  Sounds easy but if not done properly the results will be unsatisfactory.  To properly fix your lawns bare spots follow these instructions:


Grass Preparation

Preparing the area to be seeded is crucial.  Preparatation is half the job and an important step not to be overlooked or short cutted.  To preapre the area cut the grass making sure to pick up the grass blades that fall.  If a lot of dead grass is still present remove as much as possible so it does not block seeds rooting to the dirt.  Once all the dirt is exposed you are ready to finish the prep.  Next scratch the soil to soften the soil making it easier for the seeds to take root.


Spreading Seed

In large area a spreader will give better results.  In large areas spread grass according to the grass seed manufactures instructions.  Make sure seed is spread as evenly as possible and that the seeds get to all the edges of repair area.  Smaller repair areas can be spread by hand but be sure all the area is covered evenly.


Applying Seed Covering

Reground is applied over the seeds.  In large areas a spreader can make the job easier and faster.  If you using a spread or by hand make sure Reground is spread over the entire area to be treated.  The seeds do not have to be fully covered because Reground will expand when water to cover and protect the seeds while rooting.


 Fast Lawn Repair


Reground needs to be water well but do not allow to puddle.  The water should not be applied with high water pressure as it could wash away the seeds.  In warm weather water the area in the morning and afternoon.  Do not water at night or dusk.  Early morning and early afternoon are the best times to irrigate.


 While waiting to sprout

Water is your friend here.  The grass is not mature and is delicate in this stage.  Keep watered once per day in mild weather and twice a day in hot weather.  This needs to be done until the grass come in full which is about 1 week.  DO NOT fertilize.  Wonder Soil Reground comes with everything needed to grow your grass to a full lawn with nothing but water.


 Cut the Grass

The grass will be ready to cut in 7-9 days with Reground.  This is the fastest seed sprouting in the world.



So Why Wonder Soil REGROUND™

Wonder Soil manufactures the fastest lawn repair soil in the world called REGROUND™.  REGROUND™ comes from the high quality flower and plant seed soil that made Wonder Soil® famous then ground up to make it spreadable on turf.  Reground roots seeds so fast that in warmer months you will be ready to go from seed to cutting the grass in as little as 7-9 days.  No product can compare with the speed which comes from the high quality nutrients in the product.  REGROUND™ is made of a compressed wafer which expands with water to make 8 times more grow medium than its dry form. As it expands it covers the seeds and protect them making your lawn full and green.



  • * Grass Ready in 7 -9 days 

  • * Spread Seeds, cover with Reground and water - Done!

  • * Easy Application

  • * Professional Grade Lawn Repair

  • * 5lbs will cover up to 400 Sq Ft

  • * Used by golf courses and parks for quick repairs


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